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Boost Event Registration

People aren't attending events like they used to. Engage them with the first promo they see. Make a stellar first impression!

The look of your marketing will set the stage for your event. Small staffs need reliable partners to create a successful event. 

Struggling with your events?

Declining registrations.

Member engagement is lacking as a new generation comes up.

Outdated and stale.

You don't know how to break out of your old ways. You knew how to reach the Baby Boomers, but how do you engage the newer generations?

Lacking resources.

You don't have an in-house designer. Your staff doesn't have the time to create all of the event materials you need. 

Unreliable contractors.

The last designer you hired missed deadlines and didn't collaborate to make the best experience possible. 


Unseasoned team.

You've been tasked with planning an event and you have no event experience.

Get attendees excited to attended!

Break routine.

Hosting an event is anything but routine. What you've been doing for the past 5, 10, 20 years doesn't work anymore. Fresh ideas will generate more buzz around your event.

Set expectations.

How your event is presented in the promotional collateral will set attendees' expectations. It can get registrants excited. Or it can turn them off faster than ______

Reliable partner.

When you have a small staff, finding reliable partners is important. You want someone who meets your deadlines and strategically collaborates with you for a successful event.

We stick to a timeline. We meet deadlines. Your deadlines.

More than a designer.


Holla! I'm Megan, a graphic designer and creative strategist. Running a big event, especially for an association, is hard. I get it. I was the Director of Communications for a 100+ year old association and wore ALL the hats. From budgeting for the event, planning the program, choosing the venue and food, selling sponsorships, registering attendees, playing hostess during the event. Oh AND I designed all of the assets that went with the conference. It was a lot. 

Now, I have my own design business helping associations draw in more attendees through events. Looking good is important. Fist impression matter. The experience pre-event will set expectations for your event. 

I work as an extension of your team and can be as involved as you need. We can strategize a theme and talk about the registration experience. Or you can send me a list of assets you need along with the theme you've already chosen. Either way, the goal is always to make a great first impression so members click "Register Now" button.

How do you want them to feel when they're registering? Excited to attend! 

Extension of your team. We don't just take orders, we help you think through your attendees experience.We can collaborate with your event planner, too.


Virtual Events

Event branding based on your theme

Choose 3

  • Mailed postcards

  • Email graphic

  • Social media graphic

  • Social platform event page graphic

In-Person Event

Print & Digital Assets

  • Sponsorship Packages PDF

  • One Page Promo Flyer

  • Conference Program Brochure

  • Social Media Templates

  • PowerPoint Template

  • Presentaion design

Custom Events

full suite of collateral you need for your event

And we can help with printing!

Event Essentials Checklist

Free download

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