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We design your book to sell.

Book design that helps self-publishing authors share their ideas.

Build your credibility.
Prep for your book launch.
Attract more readers.
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Bad book design hurt sales.

Congratulations on finishing your manuscript! But, whatever you do, don’t neglect the design in your push to get it published. 

You’d hurt your credibility if you showed up at a business conference wearing sweats and an old t-shirt. It’s the same with your book design. 

Bad design will hurt your book sales. Even worse, it will keep your ideas from spreading.

Have the design your book needs.

Whether you’re looking to generate more leads for your business or inspire a movement, your book needs a great design.

You’ve spent months pulling the content together and getting it just right. You’re just a step away from holding a published book in your hand. We help thought leaders, business consultants, Christian writers, and cookbook gurus succeed with this crucial final step.

When you work with MG Graphics, you get sales-focused and marketing-conscious design without busting your budget. 

Ready to get started? Schedule a time to talk with us and get an estimate for your book design.

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Set your book up for success.

We get your final manuscript ready to publish, which is so much more than designing a great cover. (Though the cover matters!) You’ll work directly with Megan, our designer, and you’ll have the opportunity to give your feedback live via Zoom.

For one flat rate, you’ll receive:

  • Two cover options

  • Revisions on the cover option you pick

  • The typesetting of your interior pages (This is a fancy way to say readable text.)

  • Print-ready files* 

  • E-book files*

* Choose the publishing platform you want your book designed for, including Amazon, Lulu, Blurb or IngramSpark. They all have their own rules for both e-books and printed books. We’re familiar with those nuances. Just pick your platform, and we’ll take it from there.

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Get ready to launch your book.

Step 1:

We talk.

We start by clarifying your design needs.

Step 2:

We design.

Send us your manuscript, and we’ll take it from there.

Step 3:

You publish!

We deliver your design files, and you launch your book.

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Publish a visually captivating book!

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