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Terms of Service


Updated 5/13/2022


We are committed to working with committed clients. Please read through the following terms of service then head back to your proposal.


Communication is super important to keep your project moving forward so you can start seeing a return on your investment! We’ll send you weekly updates with your project status. This includes what we need from you, what you can expect from us, any outstanding invoices and checklist of what’s been done.


Your timeline will be set in the proposal and could be adjusted based on when the first payment is made. You will be notified of any date changes in our weekly email updates so we stay on track.

Pause and Restart Policy

Life happens. Projects need to be put on hold to take care of family. Or because you’re ill. Or because your wifi is down and there’s no possible way to get it back. We get it and want to be flexible with all that life throws at you.


You may pause your project for up to 2 months at no additional charge. You MUST communicate the pause via email (please don’t ghost us*). Let us know when you’re ready to start again and we’ll add you to the next available time slot.


If you want to restart the project at a time after the 2 months, there is a $250 restart fee and you’ll be added to the next available time slot.


Want to get started again faster? There’s a 50% rush fee to restart your project sooner than our next available time slot. 

The Ghosting Policy*

Let’s talk! The design process relies on regular communication between us. If we stop hearing from you, we’ll assume your priorities have changed. After 10 days with no communication from you, your project will be closed and archived regardless if you have revisions left or not. If you resurface and want to pick up where we left off, you’ll be charged a minimum $500 restart fee. So, please just shoot over an email if you need to hit pause. We don’t like sending these invoices any more than you’ll want to pay it.


Change Orders

Need to change the scope mid-project? We can do that! A minimum $250 change order will be invoiced for each scope change.

Rush Orders

Wanna go fast? We can do it! For a 50% upcharge of the project total. “But why?!” you ask? We are a small team to keep quality high which means we only have so many hours in a day. If we take on your project early, that means we have to bump someone else’s project or stay up late working. Rush orders are a domino effect to schedules beyond yours and ours.


The revisions allowances are specified in your proposal. Additional revisions beyond your proposal revisions will be invoiced at $250 per round per asset.

Additional revisions will be invoiced at $250 per round. 


Full payment or a deposit is required to lock-in your project start date on our schedule. Your proposal will outline the amount due and when the remaining amount is due.

Use of Assistants

While Megan prefers to do all the design herself, occasionally she’ll have an assistant help prep-files or make revisions to keep your project moving forward.


Expenses for services such as website hosting and requested products like fonts or stock photography are your responsibility. We use Adobe Stock account. If you request stock photos from another vendor, you will be responsible for purchasing that license.

Customer Satisfaction

Every design has your customer in mind to make it the most effective for your ROI. We first design for end user experience. We want you to be happy with the design, too! If you have a suggestion we don’t think will be best for the overall design we may push back explaining why it may not be the best option. ​We will do our very best to ensure you’re happy with the final design.


We want lasting relationships! But sometimes we get into a project and one of us may decide we aren’t a great fit. Either party can terminate the project with 30 days written notice. Work will be completed to the extent that payments have been received. Refunds will not be given.

Ownership of Files

Upon full payment you have all ownership rights, title and interest in and to the Final Design. Until payment is made in full, we retain all ownership rights, title and interest in and to the Final Design. We retain all ownership rights, title and interest in and to any preliminary designs. 

Use and Display

Unless you check the “Confidential” box in your proposal, you give us permission to use the final design in our portfolio and marketing. 

Next Step

Head back to your proposal and click the accept button to move forward with your project!

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